About Us

Rholab provides innovative technology and digital solutions for businesses. We help optimize operations, enhance visibility and achieve greater consumer engagement through innovative ideas and smart solutions.

Our Story & Work

Rholab was founded through a desire to provide creative solutions in a digital world and offers a range of digital services - strategy, search, social, creative and media. Our expertise is built from technical and creative backgrounds with experience from traditional agencies. We focus on digital because it’s exciting, measurable and effective.

Our services fall into three key areas; web design and build, technology solutions and digital marketing. This impressive combination has changed the digital landscape for our clients in the way they interact and engage with their customers.

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Geeks & Hipsters

We're a talented & friendly bunch of hard working, creative and clever digital people.


Maaz Raza

Creative Director

He is an experienced developer and strategist with almost seven years of commercial digital and application development experience.


Dawood Khan

Technical Director

He is an experienced website developer and strategist with over seven years of commercial Web and Internet services experience, plus numerous attendances to various related seminars and educational classes. Before starting up Rholab, he owned and operated a sole-proprietorship, which offered similar Web-related services, but did not market exclusively to small business.