ST3Di Helpful Printer Driver®

ST3Di Helpful Printer Driver®
Software Development

Fantastic Features

The ST3Di Helpful Printer Driver® is a proprietary tool that works in harmony with your ST3Di Edit software to provide you some amazing features.


Real-Time Filament Levels

It doesn’t matter whether the object you are trying to print is large or small, complex or straightforward; the last thing you want is to run out of filament half way through the job. With the Helpful Printer Driver® you get real-time accurate filament levels, which not only shows you what remains but will alert you when you are running close to the end of the reel.

Not only that, but you have the ability to link right through to X in order to buy replacement filament if you are running low. This means you never have to be out of filament again!


Industry Information

The Helpful Printer Driver® also offers live and up-to-date industry information. This includes elements such as new design software or models that may be available, or 3D printing related applications, or even new print material that you can try out. Keep an eye out for updates and information that will help to enhance your printing experience.


Fantastic Offers

The Helpful Printer Driver® also brings you unique offers every time you print. Simply click on the special promotions that you see at the bottom of your filament levels and it will take you directly through to the offer.